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1. What is a CASCO?

CASCO - voluntary insurance of the vehicle from such damages as fire, natural disasters, falling of foreign objects on the car, etc., as well as his theft or theft from the car. This is a comprehensive insurance protection, which includes all the coverage you need for your choice. Our consultants will always be able to help you find the best option that meets your expectations.

2. How much does CASCO cost and what does the price depend on?

The price of the CASCO policy depends on the cost of the car. It is his price that is the sum insured, that is, the maximum amount that can be paid in the event of an accident or car theft. Also the price of the policy depends on the parameters of the car: the year of manufacture, the volume of the engine and others. And finally, the price depends on those options of the insurance program that you want to include in the coverage. In any case, our consultants will do everything to ensure that you find the best coverage for yourself.

3. Full CASCO - what is it?

"Full CASCO" means a vehicle insurance contract with the maximum insurance coverage of all risks.

4. What does the complete CASCO include?

The full CASCO includes risks of car damage and theft. Limitations on the risk of theft in CASCO insurance is relatively small, and with the risk of damage to the car there may be various problems.

Usually, the following insurance cases fall into the risk of damage to the full CASCO:

  • Accident (road accident)
  • Illegal actions of 3 persons
  • Natural disasters

5. How to restore a CASCO policy?

If you lose the CASCO policy, you should contact the insurance company, in which you purchased it or our manager. We will be happy to help you with your question. You will need to write a statement of loss, after which the insurance company is obliged to issue you a new policy. And for the first time it's free.

The same procedure is also applicable to the replacement of the CASCO policy due to the change of the driver's data (change of surname, etc.).

6. How do I get a CASCO payment?

In order to receive payment on CASCO, you need to contact us by calling the support line +38 (044) 390 00 05 or write to the mail and we will coordinate your further actions.

It is also important to call police officers at the time the accident occurred or you found damage. Do not perform any repairs to the car before the examination. It is best, first of all, to contact our specialists who will consult you.

It must also be taken into account that, unlike MTPL, the timing of CASCO payments from different insurance companies may differ. As a rule, they should be spelled out in the contract.

7. What is the benefit of CASCO? Do I need it if I’m a new driver?

The CASCO policy provides insurance coverage for the cost of your car at a relatively low cost of insurance. Thus, having paid relatively little money for a CASCO policy, you can be sure that the insurance company will compensate for the possible loss up to the full cost of the car. For newcomers, the CASCO contract is especially important, because due to a small driving experience, the driver can make mistakes that can lead to accidents and the necessary costs for the restoration of the car. Thus, we recommend buying a CASCO policy for all drivers, especially newcomers. After CASCO protects your car on the road.

8. Which company to choose for CASCO?

Our online insurance service works with leading insurance companies in Ukraine. Among them, as international insurance companies, and representatives of the best Ukrainian insurance companies. These companies offer a wide range of insurance programs and coverages, and each client will be able to select for himself the option that best suits his expectations and budget. And our consultants will help you with the choice and will accompany you throughout the period of the policy.

9. Is it possible to buy CASCO without motor third party liability insurance?

It is important to understand that CASCO insurance is a voluntary type of insurance for your car, which in case of an accident covers all your risks associated with damage as a result of car damage or theft.

While OSAGO, is a compulsory motor third party liability insurance. What gives you the opportunity, in case of an accident for your fault, to cover the damage caused to another participant in the accident.

You can buy a CASCO policy without MTPL, but recommends that its customers have both policies.

10. Is it possible to have CASCO for six months?

Since CASCO is a voluntary type of insurance, it can be issued for six months. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that not all insurance companies will agree to issue a policy for such a period. In addition, "short" CASCO insurance policies are higher than the annual policy for a similar period of validity.

11. Is it possible to pay CASCO in installments?

If necessary, you can pay for your CASCO policy in installments. This option will be provided to you when calculating the cost of CASCO. The most popular breakdowns of payment are semi-annual payment and quarterly payment.

CASCO insurance: what you need to know

CASCO is a voluntary type of vehicle insurance against damage or theft. CASCO insurance objects can be cars, as well as water, air and railway vehicles (ships, airplanes, railway cars).

CASCO car insurance is aimed at compensation for damage from car damage and does not include life or health insurance for the driver and passengers who are in the baggage car and civil liability of the car owner.

Insurance risks covered by CASCO insurance can be divided into three groups:
- damage as a result of an accident (from slight damage in the parking lot until the car is completely unsuitable for recovery);
- illegal actions of third parties (car theft, theft of component parts, wheels or other parts), vandalism (scratching, breaking lights or windows, etc.);
- natural disasters (earthquakes, floods) and other force majeure circumstances (explosion, fire, spontaneous combustion, falling trees or branches of trees, ice or snow from the roofs of buildings that fell out of the windows of objects). The probability of such events is small, but the damage from them is very serious.

CASCO insurance can be full or partial, in which losses are reimbursed only for certain types of risks at the discretion of the client.

How to act properly in the event of an accident, so that the insurance company had no reason to refuse to pay you compensation?

First of all, call the relevant authorities from the scene: the police, the fire department and the ambulance (if necessary), as well as the hotline of your insurance company. Take possible measures to save the car, record information about other participants of the accident, including the data of policies of OSAGO, take a photo from the place of the event, provide all the information and necessary documents to the insurance company within the period specified in the contract.

What is the price of CASCO?

The price of CASCO depends on the car make and model, its cost, the year of issue, the contract term and the list of risks from which you want to insure.

When calculating the price of CASCO, the insurance company also takes into account the conditions of the car's operation, the conditions of its storage (garage, guarded parking, etc.), the driving experience of persons who have the right to drive, the level of reliability of the security system (presence of anti-theft alarm, central lock, etc. .), statistics on the theft of cars of this brand, as well as the insurance history of the car.

The price of CASCO is also affected by the deductible - a certain percentage of the insurance value of the car, within which no compensation for damage to the client is made. Insurance companies, as a rule, set a franchise at a rate of 1-3%. Insurance policy without a franchise is more expensive.

Insurance companies, in an effort to attract customers, in addition to the CASCO policy offer flexible programs of discounts, bonuses and additional free options. It can be compensation of expenses for "rescue" and evacuation of cars, technical assistance on the way (wheel replacement, fuel delivery, etc.), taxi or car for substitution for the period of car repair, individual discounts for seniority, age, break-even driving, etc. .

On our website you can get acquainted with the products of CASCO from various insurance companies of Ukraine and choose the most suitable insurance program for you.

To perform CASCO calculation, you can use the CASCO calculator on the website of the insurance company that interested you or calculate CASCO online by filling out the form on our website.

How to buy CASCO?

To buy CASCO, you can contact the office of the insurance company or use our online service, which will help you:
- to receive full and verified information on CASCO insurance (Ukraine);
- Calculate CASCO on the car using the CASCO 2017 online calculator;
- compare the insurance conditions and the cost of the CASCO policy from the leading insurance companies in Ukraine;
- Choose a policy and issue a CASCO online by filling in the required fields.