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1. What is real estate insurance?

Real estate insurance is a comprehensive program of housing insurance (apartments, houses, vacation home), which compensates the damage to the owner of the dwelling or third parties in the event of an insurance event, such as flooding, fire, household gas explosion, natural disaster, burglary, third party illegal actions.

2. How much does real estate insurance cost?

The cost of real estate insurance is assessed individually based on the parameters of your housing. To calculate the cost, please fill out the application on our website in the section "Property" and you will get the best offer from leading insurance companies in Ukraine, and our consultants will help you to choose the most suitable option.

3. How is damage assessed when an insured event occurs?

The insurance company requests the necessary package of documents in accordance with the Insurance Contract. In addition, the insurance company can attract experts to assess the damage that can be made to inspect and draw up a conclusion. In any case, the amount of damage is agreed with the owner of the premises.

4. Do you have insurance programs without inspecting the premises?

Yes, such programs are called express insurance. In such programs, already there are pre-established limits for each insurance event (insurance packages). You can find the most suitable package for yourself and arrange an insurance policy. If none of the packages suit you, you will always be able to issue a policy at the market value of the property and pick up insurance limits that suit you.

5. What should I do if an insured event has occurred?

You first need to report the occurrence of such an event of the insurance company or to us by phone +380 44 390 00 05 and we will help organize the entire process of obtaining insurance compensation.

6. Can I insure an apartment that is rented out?

Yes, you have such an opportunity. At the same time when filling out an application you should indicate that the apartment is rented.

7. Is it worth it to insure your home?

We are confident that your apartment or house is what you value and, unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen situations such as fire or flooding cause significant damage, which cannot always be easily corrected. Therefore, we recommend you property insurance. Our specialists will be able to select the most suitable real estate insurance program that will suit you for coverage and will fit your budget.

Property Insurance: what you need to know

Insurance companies of Ukraine offer a wide range of services in the field of Property insurance. The object of insurance can be any type of property: an apartment, a dwelling house, outbuildings in the yard (summer kitchen, barn), a garage, a holiday home with extensions and superstructures, etc. Insurance companies also carry insurance for commercial real estate. Such a package of services provides not only compensation for losses from damage to the real estate object, but also compensation for lost profits as a result of the occurrence of the insured event.

Each property has constituent elements to which the insurance contract can extend: structural elements (walls, ceilings, roof), engineering equipment, interior decoration. Some companies include in the insurance of real estate also insurance of furniture, household appliances, cars, private collections and pets.

Risks in the case of which real estate is insured are very diverse: fire, flooding, gas explosion, burglary, robbery, elemental action and even the fall of an aircraft.

Another noteworthy offer of insurance companies is liability insurance for neighbors. This kind of insurance is a civilized way of resolving a conflict in case of flooding, fire or other cases of damage to the property of third parties.

Price for Property insurance

The price for property insurance depends on many factors: the insurance amount, the term of the contract, the cost of the insurance object and its "age", wall material, the presence of a security alarm and insured risks. According to statistical data, the most likely risks in apartment buildings are flooding as a result of a water, sewage or heating system accident. In private houses with wooden ceilings, the most likely risk is a fire or an explosion of domestic gas. In such cases, the cost of insurance also increases.

The insurance price also depends on the franchise - the amount that will be withheld by the insurance company from the amount of compensation.

You can find out the price for real estate insurance in a convenient way for you: by contacting the insurance company in person or online on our website, applying the real estate insurance calculator. This will help you choose the most suitable package of insurance services.