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  2. Glossary
  3. What are the credits and who uses them?
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Glossary Published 04.02.2018 in 11:40

What are the credits and who uses them?


Credit, or credit relations - financial or commodity transactions between individuals, credit institutions and other economic entities, where the creditor transfers its funds to the borrower on a return basis with payment of interest for use within a specified period.

  1. Loans with participation of individuals and legal entities:

Car loan - a loan for the purchase of a vehicle with its simultaneous use as collateral.

Mortgage loan - a loan granted to a legal or an individual by banks on the security of real estate.

Lombard credit is a loan with mandatory provision of easily realized collateral, where the amount and interest rate directly depend on collateral.

Microcredit - issuing small loans to individuals who do not have access to traditional banking for various reasons.

Consumer loans - loans to individuals for the purchase of consumer goods.

Revolving credit line is an automatically renewed loan, which gives the right to go into "minus" on the settlement or card account.

Commercial credit is a loan provided by enterprises to each other.

A loan to an enterprise is a loan granted to a legal entity (enterprise) for various types of collateral.

     2.Credits with the participation of international companies and large enterprises:

Acceptance and reimbursement credit is the crediting of export-import transactions, the terms of which provide for the acceptance by the third party (country) bank of the exporter's bills received in payment for the goods and the transfer of the bill amount by the importer to the accepting bank.

International credit is the movement of loan capital in the sphere of international economic relations, connected with the provision of money or goods on the terms of a loan agreement.

On-loan loans are loans of banks that can be claimed at any time (on demand) secured by promissory notes, goods and securities.

Syndicated loan is a loan granted to a borrower by at least two creditors participating in a given transaction in certain shares under one loan agreement.

Export credit is a loan provided by the parties in a foreign trade transaction (by an exporter and importer) during the export process in the form of a deferred payment or prepayment of the goods.

     3. Loans with state participation:

State credit is a system of credit relations between the state with legal entities and individuals, under which the state acts as a borrower, creditor or guarantor.

Investment tax credit is a change in the term of payment of the profit tax, in which the taxpayer is reduced by payments with subsequent payment of the loan amount and interest.

Interbank credit is a loan provided by one bank to another on the basis of one-time loan agreements or through placement of deposits with other banks. The main creditor on the market is the National / Central Bank.

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