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The Agreement is valid for all (LLC "Finscanner Ukraine") websites. The site may contain links to websites of other companies or third-parties. If the user transitions to a third party site, that user is then deemed to have left the (LLC "Finscanner Ukraine") site The Company does not control the pprivacy practices of third-party websites.

Sources, use and safety information

The information contained in this Agreement may subsequently be personalized (directly related to the particular person or person that is associated with a user) and personalized data (data about the users of the website, obtained without reference to a particular person), is available in the following ways:

- During the administration of correspondence with the users of the site via e-mail;

- Information (first name, last name, contact details), including information provided when registering on the site as part of the activities carried out by the site administrator, surveys, applications, feedback forms, entries in the online registration form, registration of contracts, as well as choose the kind insurance. This information (personal) will be transferred to the insurance companies directly after pressing the confirm button;

- Technical information - data about the user's Internet service provider, the IP-address of the user, the characteristics of the PC and the software used, as well as data collected using cookies.


The company does not transmit data collected to users of (LLC "Finscanner Ukraine") websites to third parties, except when such transfer is made by companies - partners of (LLC "Finscanner Ukraine"), as well as cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine and relating to national security, taking into account economic integrity and the strict observance of human rights.

The Company is not liable to pay compensation in the event of failure of any insurance company.

All information contained on this website is based on the official data of insurance companies as supplied by them.

In the case of applications for the purchase of insurance in the region, all the information is transferred to the insurance company selected by the buyer only after the confirmation of the agreement.

Upon detection of the illegal dissemination of information, the user is obliged to immediately notify the Company in order to curb illegal disclosure. If the user knew or could have known of the illegal disclosure of information and did not disclose to the Company, such actions will be regarded by the Company as the user's consent to the disclosure of information, and as a result the Company will remove any liability for disclosure of information.

A claim cannot be lodged against the Company about the information if such disclosure was carried out by the user himself or with his consent.

Final provisions

Visiting the site and/or by completing the online form on the website, the user automatically accepts the terms of this Agreement.

Amendments and changes to the Agreement may be amended by the Company without notice. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force upon its publication on the website(s) (LLC "Finscanner Ukraine").

Activity site administration, as well as any claims, disputes the official request will be dealt with exclusively in the manner alleged by Ukrainian legislation.

Website administration is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages suffered by users or third parties.