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Mediclub health
insurance advantages:

Exclusive insurance terms
from the international insurance company UNIQA
Free medical care
in Ukraine 24/7 in the most reputed clinics
A wide range of insurance and services programs
Customer support by
FinscannerAssist, available 24/7
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Leading clinics of

The exclusive partner of
Mediclub in Ukraine
Company Details
24-hour medical
assistance support
Organization of assistance
throughout Ukraine
More than 3,000
partner clinics and pharmacies
Continuous quality

24-hour medical
assistance support

More than 3,000
partner clinics and pharmacies

Organization of assistance
throughout Ukraine

Continuous quality

In which cases do we help (coverage)

Acute illness

Exacerbation of a
chronic disease

Trauma, fracture,

1 adult 9–65 years

The amount of payments per person

300 thousand UAH

Total amount of insurance payments

1.2 UAH million

Package price

28 896 UAH Send request
Package options
Options and Price
Adults 1 adult (9–65 years)

The amount of payments per person

300 thousand UAH

Total amount of insurance payments

200000 thousand UAH

Package price

21500 UAH
Send request
Includes package
Classes of medical institutions: А+/А/В/В+/С
  • Consultation of a doctor
  • All methods of modern diagnostics and laboratory research
  • Treatment in a day hospital
  • Provision of medicines
Classes of medical institutions: А+/А/В/В+/С
  • Consultations of a doctor
  • All methods of modern diagnostics and laboratory research
  • Therapeutic and surgical treatment
  • Pharmaceutical prescription
Classes of medical institutions: А+/А/В/В+/С
  • Diagnostics of emergency conditions
  • Establishing a preliminary diagnosis
  • Transportation to medical institutions for hospitalization
  • Complete drug support
Provision of
  • Provision of medicines in the network of drugstores
  • Compensation of expenses for the purchase of medicines
  • Delivery of medicines to the house or office within the city limits (on the terms of the supplier)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, first detected during the validity of the insurance contract
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus, first discovered during the validity of the insurance contract
  • Possibility of inclusion in the package of dental care
  • Possibility of inclusion in the package of preventive examinations

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1. What is health insurance?

Voluntary health insurance is one of the types of personal insurance that provides coverage for your unforeseen medical expenses related to health and organizes the treatment process and at any of the selected clinics within the package. Medical insurance includes not only free medical treatment and necessary medicines, but also the entire process of obtaining such help fast and comfortable. To do this, just call a 24-hour medical assistance and call your insurance policy number, after which the entire aid organization will be on the insurance company. In addition, you will be assigned a personal manager whose task will be to ensure that the entire process of using your medical support is accompanied by your expectations.

2. Which health insurance is better?

Our programs work in such a way that all necessary types of medical care and medicines are included in each package. In addition, even in the basic packages, we envisaged the possibility of receiving assistance in medical clinics. You can always contact us and get advice from our specialists who will help you choose the health insurance package just for you.

3. What does health insurance look like?

The client signs the Health Insurance Agreement and joins the chosen program. In addition to the signed contracts, the client receives instructions for use, where everything is detailed and available, as well as an individual plastic card that is the customer's ID and on which the policy number and the telephone number of the medical assistant are indicated.

4. What does health insurance cover?

All health insurance packages cover outpatient, inpatient, emergency care and medication provision. In addition, health insurance packages provide additional and bonus programs. Insurance cases in which there is medical insurance are acute diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases and trauma. The main difference between existing programs in the class of clinics and insurance limits. The more expensive the insurance package, the higher the insurance limit and the higher the level of private clinics where medical care is provided.

5. How much does medical insurance cost?

The price of medical insurance depends on the level of medical institutions (to the level of private clinics or hospitals) that will provide you with medical assistance and insurance limits, within which you can receive medical care. Also, the cost of the insurance package is affected by the additional options that are included in the insurance packages. The higher the cost of the package, the more such additional features are included. Therefore, we offer several options for health insurance packages and each client will be able to find the right one for himself. However, it should be noted that, regardless of the cost of the package, they all include comprehensive medical care for diseases and injuries.

6. How can I buy medical insurance?

You can get full information about health insurance, the possibilities of each package, you can calculate the most suitable program and answer all your questions. After that, you will be sent a medical insurance contract, which you can study in detail. If all the conditions suit you, then you sign and pay it. Your medical insurance will be activated.

7. How is medical insurance issued?

You make out an application on the website, where you specify the chosen package, as well as contact information, after which you can contact us. After that, we prepare a contract and send it for review. If you agree with everything, then you sign the health insurance contract and pay it. After that, your health insurance will be activated.

8. Where to buy medical insurance?

You can buy health insurance on our website in the section "Health". Our best consultants will help you choose the most suitable option for you and your family members. In addition, we are always happy to buy you a cup of coffee in our office and tell you more about insurance programs in person.

9. Can I get reimbursement in cash?

You have such an opportunity, but in any case, you need to notify the insurance company about the occurrence of the insured event. After its registration, the insurance company you can independently apply to a medical institution and, having received the necessary treatment, pay it yourself. After that, you must provide the insurance company with the medical documents issued to you by the clinic.

10. Which hospitals can I visit for medical care?

Each insurance program has its own list of clinics, where you can be provided with medical care. If the clinic in which you would like to receive medical assistance is not included in your package, then such help still will be provided in this clinic you choose, but with your payment participation (deductibles, please check the contract).

Medical insurance in Ukraine

Medical insurance is a type of insurance that guarantees to every individual or legal entity the medical assistance after payment of an insurance premium.

Medical insurance can be carried out in compulsory or voluntary form.

Compulsory health insurance (CHI) is carried out on the basis of state regulations. A document confirming the insured person's right to receive medical assistance is the medical insurance policy.

Voluntary medical insurance (VMI) is carried out on the basis of an agreement between subjects of VMI - insured persons, insurers and medical institutions that provide assistance at the expense of insurance payments.

The document confirming the conclusion of the contract of voluntary medical insurance (VMI), is an insurance policy.

The contract of voluntary medical insurance can be concluded, both physical, and the legal person (the enterprise, firm, etc.) in favor of the employees.

Voluntary medical insurance can be carried out only by insurance companies that have a license for this type of insurance.

Voluntary medical insurance programs from different insurance companies may differ in the type and volume of services provided.

Voluntary medical insurance is carried out in four main areas: outpatient medical care, inpatient treatment, emergency (urgent) medical care, dental services.

Some companies also offer other types of insurance services: home health care, medical insurance for tourist or business trips abroad, accident and accident insurance, insurance of occupational risks of medical workers against infection with the hepatitis virus, special programs for pregnant women, child insurance programs, as well as corporate health insurance programs.

The cost of health insurance is influenced by many factors: the level of the clinic or hospital (you can choose a private clinic of a premium class or a state hospital), the amount of dental services included in the policy, the region of residence, etc. The cost of child insurance is usually higher than that of an adult: parents are trying to choose a decent level for the children of the clinic, to provide for the possibility of a doctor's visit to the house and other options.

How to get health insurance?

You can get acquainted with the programs of medical insurance from our insurance partners, choose the most suitable for you package of health insurance services and conclude an agreement using our online service. The health insurance policy will be delivered to you by courier or "New Post" service as soon as possible after the conclusion of the contract. A copy of the policy will be sent to your email address.